[DA] Sticking Global Day Posters

*NOTIFICATION: This program is only for the regula student members of Yonsei Global. On October 26th, we posted our Global Day posters.12 members of YG gathered at Baekyang Hall at 6 and posted GD posters.We were able to finish our tasks earlier than what we have expected because there were plenty of people. The poster was designed by Donna Park and it’s awesome. This semester, […]

[KCE] Visiting Folk Village in Yongin

On October 23rd, our second program of KCE took place. We went to Korean Folk Village in Yongin. We gathered near the South gate and took a bus that was rented beforehand. It takes about an hour to get to the folk village from Yonsei University. 12 exchange students and 4 YG members participated in this program. When we first […]