[FLC] The ending ceremony

2019-11-25 Monday(19:00~20:00)  With some sweets, we had a time celebrating tutees and tutors who earnestly participated in the FLC program. About 16 people participated in this program. Thank you all for your effort and we hope you all have learned priceless things from each other! All participants were rewarded with small gifts that we prepared hoping that your memory in […]

[OS] Visiting Insa-dong

As the weather is rapidly running toward winter, eight Yonsei Global club members and thirteen exchange students went on a tour to Insa-dong famous as a precious space in which Korean traditional materials are preserved and exchanged worthily. We first headed to a museum called ‘Kimchikan’ located in the middle of Insa-dong not only to get to know about kimchi, […]

[CT] Visiting Amore Pacific

On November 17th, 10 exchanged students and 4 Yonsei Global students went to Company Tour(CT) to Amorepacific in Osan-si. Amorepacific is a company that produce cosmetics for skin care or beauty. Our tour guide explained the history of the company and a process of manufacture. Also, we could experience make-up with the product of Amorepacific. In the end of the […]

[KMA] Pottery Class

On November 13th, seven YG club members and two exchange students had KMA (Korea Music & Art) program, pottery class. We met at the main gate of Yonsei University at 6pm and ate tteokbokki for dinner in 유자유. After we had finished the dinner, we waited for some students whose classes ended after 6pm. Then, we took a taxi to […]

[KPD] Learning how to K-pop dance

On November 12th, the third K-pop Dance program was held. About 10 exchange students participated and 5 Yonsei Global students participated in the program. We met at the front gate at 6:30 pm and went to the practice room called ‘Danceple‘ near Sinchon Station on foot. We learned BTS’s “Boy with Luv(작은 것들을 위한 시)”. Our tutors were so kind to […]

[GD Second day of Global Day

Vietnam day was held from November 6th to 7th for two days. The entire club participated for two days from 11 am to 5 pm. We have tried to express the culture of Vietnam through different activities and cuisine. There were multiple booths, such as the quiz booth and the Vietnam clothes booth. People were quizzed on information regarding Vietnam […]

[GD] First day of Global Day

Global Day organized by Yonsei Global was held on 6th to 7th November, at Baekyang Nuri(The Common). The theme of the day was Vietnamese culture. As this is a semiannual event, every single member of Yonsei Global has participated to make it successful. There were six booths in total including the information booth, four gaming booths and prize booth. At […]

[GA] MT in Korean traditional house, ‘Hanok’

Yonsei Global went to Hanokchon Shinseon Village with exchange students on November 9 and 10. About 70 students went to MT together. We got together in Sinchon and left together. After we arrived at hanok, we played outdoor games. We had dinner with all kinds of meat, such as beef, pork, and duck. After having dinner, we played a team […]

[KCC] Korean Cooking Class Day 2

On November 3, 7 YG members and 12 foreign exchange students went to Korean food cooking center in Jungu. We met at 3 pm in front of Yonsei university, and went there by subway. When we arrived, the ingredients were all set up for us, and the environment was clean. First, we listened to the instructions about making Gangjung, a […]

[LS] Riding a bike at Han river

On Novermber 2nd, the third Leisure Sports program of this semester was held in Yeouido by Han River. A total of 14 people, including 8 Yonsei Global members and 6 exchange students participated in the activity. We gathered at the main gate of Yonsei University at 2pm. Our team leader bought a drink at the café and had a drink. […]