[OS] Visiting ‘Namsan Tower’

On November 20th, with early Christmas carols ringing on the streets in Korea, 3 YG members and 3 exchange students visited Namsan Tower located in Yongsan-gu, Seoul. Since it was a time when the coronavirus had increased again, we never took off our masks except when we took pictures. In fact, the official name of Namsan Tower is Namsan Seoul […]

[TS] Jeonju Bibimbap,‘전주비빔밥’

Feeling the end of Autumn, three Yonsei Global club members and four exchange students of Yonsei had a tasty dinner at ‘전주비빔밥(Jeonju Bibimbap)’ near Seoul Station. We all gathered at the front gate of Yonsei University at 5:55pm and headed to the restaurant by bus. We finally arrived at the restaurant around 6:30pm. There were many types of Bibimbap, such […]

[OS] Visiting Seoul Forest

On a beautiful day in fall, four Yonsei Global club members and three exchange students from Sweden and Germany went to Seoul Forest which is a large park famous for its scenery. The whole program took about 4-5 hours, including the time we spent on the metro headed to Seoul Forest. Seoul Forest definitely has a different vibe from the […]

[KMA] Visiting National Museum of Korea

On a sunny Saturday afternoon of November 14th, four Yonsei Global members and three exchange students gathered to visit the National Museum of Korea to explore the rich legacy of Korean history. Before heading to the museum, we first filled our hungry bellies with delightful chicken stew and its flavorful broth was the best part. As soon as we got […]

[TS] Jjukkumi Blues, ‘쭈꾸미 블루스’

On a lively Thursday night, five Yonsei Global club members and three exchange students had a delicious dinner at ‘쭈꾸미 블루스(Jjukkumi Blues)’ in Sinchon. We gathered at the front gate of Yonsei University at 6:10pm and headed for the restaurant near Sinchon Station. It took us about 10 minutes by walk to get there. The interior of the restaurant was […]

[OS] Visiting Hyehwa, ‘혜화’

On November 13, 2020, we gathered at the Yonsei University at 18:00. Then we took a bus to Hyehwa Station. After we got off the bus, we took a walk in Naksan Park and took pictures. 5 exchange students and 4 YG members participated. On the way up, we were able to talk freely with exchange students. Exchange students and […]

[KMA] Watching Beethoven string quartet concert

On November 7, 9 YG members and 2 exchange students met at Seoul Arts center, which is the most famous Arts Center in South Korea. Someone met at Yonsei University and then headed to Seoul Arts Center, and the rest of participants directly went to the center. The concert we appreciated was Beethoven string quartet No.7 in F major “Rasumovsky” […]

[LS] Rock Climbing

The date three exchange students and four Yonsei Global members went climbing was November 8th, which is the next day of Ipdong(입동, 立冬, the start of winter), so it was quite cold. The location was Summit Sports Climbing Center, about 10 minutes far from Yonsei University by walk. On the entrance, we went downstairs, and we took our shoes off. […]

[OS] Visiting Changduck Palace, ‘창덕궁’

Three Yonsei Global club members and three exchange students went on a tour to Changduck Palace. Changduck palace is a palace of the Joseon Dynasty located in Jongno-gu, Seoul. It is an example of comprehensive environmental design that harmonizes architecture and landscape. It is also an important cultural heritage that makes us experience the Korean traditional culture. We first went […]

[LS] Playing VR games

On November 4th, when winter is coming, 4 YG members and 4 exchange students gathered to play VR games. We met at 5 p.m. at a game room called Sinchon VRIGHT near the campus, and played until 6:30 p.m. Because of the pandemic, we responded to questionnaires, and wore masks. As it is a VR game, the devices including glasses […]