[KMN]Watching ‘Extreme Job’

KMN started by introducing ourselves. It was an interesting time to hear the stories of friends from various majors and nationalities. After the self-introduction time, we watched the movie ‘Extreme Job’.We also took a quiz about the movie, and everyone enjoyed participating. Due to Covid-19, we had some regrets as we proceeded to watch the movie non-face-to-face, but we were […]

[KMA]Watching a Performance in Daehakno and Having a Korean Dinner

We all met up in front of the main gate of Yonsei University Sinchon Campus around at 3:00pm October 23rd. One of the Korean members was absent and another was to come to the theater at Daehakno directly so we departed at 2:00pm with a total of two Korean students and four exchange students. Just before the departure, we introduced […]

[TS]Dinner at Jinwonjo Dakhanmari(진원조닭한마리)

On November 11th 2021, 4 YG members and 2 exchange students met up in front of Yonsei University at 6:30pm. We greeted each other briefly and headed towards the restaurant, Jinwonjo Dakhanmari(진원조닭한마리), a place famous for its chicken. Since most of the members were previously acquainted with one another, it was easy to chat about various topics on the way. […]

[KMA] National Folk Museum of Korea

The program was done on November 6th in the National Folk Museum of Korea and it was carefully conducted under COVID-19 safety rules. In total of 3 YG members and 2 exchange students participated in the program. We met in front of the Yonsei campus and took the bus together to the museum. The weather was great and on our […]

[LS] Sports Monster Goyang

On November 8th 2021, 4 YG members and 4 exchange students gathered at Sinchon station. We took the green line and changed to the orange line to get to Goyang starfield. While riding the subway, we introduced ourselves to the exchange students and broke some ice. It took about 45 minutes to go to Goyang, but time flew as we […]

[OS]Naksan Park

4 YG members and 2 exchange students met to go to the Naksan Mountain Trail. It was such a nice day for a walk because the weather was warmer than usual, and the skies were clear! We first met in front of Yonsei University and moved near Naksan by bus. We had Vietnamese food for lunch before our hiking. After […]