[LS] Roller Skating

On May 31st, 2022, two YG members and four exchange students met at the subway exit of Sinchon station. Although we had to change our activity date and two YG members were not able to join us this day, we were glad that we were able to finally meet with each other. After introducing ourselves, we went to Sillim station […]

[LS] Sports Monster Activity

On May 29th 2022, 2 YG members and 3 exchange students visited Goyang Starfield to enjoy Sports Monster activity. We met at the front gate of Yonsei University at 2:00 pm and headed to Starfield by bus, which took about an hour. When we arrived at Goyang Starfield, we took a brief look around the mall and ate icecream to […]

Eating Tteokbokki (떡볶이)

On May 27th 2022, 2 Yonsei Global members and one exchange student met up at ‘또보겠지 떡볶이’ to have dinner. Our menu of the night was simmered rice cakes, otherwise known as ‘Tteokbokki’ and fried chips with butter-garlic flavored sauce.  We had a lovely time eating the dish and chatting away. We got to know about each other by talking […]

Visiting National Museum of Korea

On May 28, 2022, three YG members and three exchange students met at Sinchon at 12:00. After meet up, we had popular Korean food Tteokbokki in ‘또보겠지 떡볶이집(See you later Tteokbokki Restaurant)’. And we take photos and enjoyed our time.  Then we moved Ichon Station by taking subway. The weather was nice. And the National Museum of Korea welcomed us. […]

Visiting Korean Movie Museum

On May 22nd, 3 YG members and 3 exchange students met at Yonsei university at 11:30. At first, we wanted to eat Kimchi stew, but the restaurant was closed, so we had to move to another Italian restaurant nearby. We ordered menus as we wanted and enjoyed the menu. We had a great time both eating and talking. After lunch, […]

Saturday Picnic to Seoul Forest

On May 21, 2022, 2022, 3 YG members and three exchange students met at the gate of Seoul Forest station at 4 PM. First, we introduced ourselves and headed to the forest on foot. While walking, we talked about our nationalities, hobbies, and the languages we spoke. It was surprising that the exchange students could speak four different languages. Time […]