[KMA] Nanta

On October 30(Wednesday), KMA 1st went to see Nanta performance in Hongdae. 9 exchange students and 5 ygians participated in KMA. We met at 17:40 in front of the front gate of Yonsei University and went to Hongdae by bus. Some of students left at 18:10 because the class ended late. The Nanta performance start at 20:00. So, we ate […]

[TS] ‘유닭스토리’, Yudakstory

On October 28, we had a third “Tasty Sinchon” program. 19 students including 8 Yonsei Global members gathered at the main gate 7pm and went to Yudakstory. This restaurant is famous for its unique chicken soup, so not only university students but other people such as office workers often gather in this place. In here everyone should make their own […]

[OS] Seodaemun Prison

On October 27, the second OS (One Shot) program lasted about five hours from 9:20 to 2:30. At 9:20 a.m., we, around 20 people, met at the main gate of Yonsei University and went to the Seoul Museum of History in Jongno-gu, Seoul by bus. We met our guides, took a picture, divided into two teams and moved on. First, […]

[GA] Volunteer work for abandoned dogs

On October 27, we had a GA program doing volunteer work for the abandoned dogs About 7 students including 2 YGs gathered at 8:00 am and we headed to a local animal shelter located in Gangdong-gu. This center is formed to help abandoned and mistreated dogs in Gangdong-gu. Their goal is to give a second chance to those abandoned dogs by […]

[KCC] Korean Cooking Class Day 1

October 13, Sunday, we had a programme called KCC (Korean Cooking Class) at the Korean Food Culture Centre in Jongno. About 20 participants gathered and the programme took about three hours. We met at the front gate of Yonsei University’s Sinchon campus at 3 p.m. and went to Eulji Statio. The Centre has a nice interior and neat props, which […]

[GD] Putting our heads together to plan Global Day!!

We had a meeting at club room on 11th of October, 2019 to plan for one of the biggest event.We decided to introduce and try some fun activities about Vietnam. The Global Day team prepared so hard for the festival and we could see their hard work when they presented the scheme. Also one of the team member showed the picture she […]

[GA] Cleaning Hangang park

The first activity of Global Angel has successfully ended! We gathered in front of the main gate of our school around 2:30 p.m. and headed to the Han River together. About 15 students including members of YG joined this program. It took only 30 minutes to get there. Before we started to pick up garbage, a staff of the Han River […]

[LS] Rock Climbing

We had our second LS Program on Oct 6th Saturday! Although it was the beginning of the holiday, gratefully, many people participated. 7 YG members and 9 exchange students gathered around at the front gate of Yonsei University and headed for Summit Sports Climbing near Ewha University Station.    There were two instructors to teach us. The climbing center was only open […]

[KPD] Learning how to K-pop dance

KPD 1st had time to learn dance in October 1st 7 to 9. About 16 exchange students participated and 5 of the YGian. We met at the front gate of Yonsei and walked by foot to the Ewha university ‘댄스플‘. We learned IZZY’s hot song “icy”. Our tutor was so kind to teach us with patient and smile. Everybody was into it all […]

[CT] Visiting MBC

On September 29, YG club members and exchange students visited MBC. We gathered at the main gate at 10 am and headed to MBC by bus. The tour started at 11 am and lasted for about an hour and a half. During the tour, we had a lot of great experiences. We had free time to do many activities such […]