[LS] Playing VR games

On November 4th, when winter is coming, 4 YG members and 4 exchange students gathered to play VR games. We met at 5 p.m. at a game room called Sinchon VRIGHT near the campus, and played until 6:30 p.m. Because of the pandemic, we responded to questionnaires, and wore masks. As it is a VR game, the devices including glasses […]

[OS] Visiting Gwangjang-market

On November 3, as weather getting cold. OS2 2nd program was held in gwangjang-market, famous for street food with 4 YG members and 4 exchange students. We headed to Korean-pancake restaurant.  There are so many kinds of Korean-pancake, and we tasted a few kinds of them. Also, we tried live octopus, which is notorious for its texture. Such an impressive […]

[TS] 유자유김치떡볶이, ‘Yujayu-Kimchi-Tteokbokki’

On October 28, five Yonsei Global members and three exchange students met at 7 p.m. in front of the main gate of Yonsei University. We all moved to ‘Yujayu-Kimchi-Tteokbokki’. ‘Kimchi’ is the most widely known traditional Korean food, and ‘tteokbokki’ is a menu that many Koreans love. The main menu here is ‘Kimchi Tteokbokki,’ a combination of the two. We […]

[LE] Walk and Talk

On the 1st of November, three members of Yonsei global, one exchange student, and two exchange student buddies met up to hang out. Though we were expecting to see more exchange students, many of them weren’t able to join us, which led to just the small group of 6 of us spending time together. Due to the unexpected weather, it […]

[KMA] Tour in “Gyeongbokgung Palace”

On a nice autumn day, four Yonsei Global members and four exchange students went sightseeing Gyeongbokgung Palace, a heart of Seoul and the most magnificent royal palace in South Korea. Before going on a tour to the palace, we visited Hanbok rental shop to try on Korean traditional costumes. Since there were a variety of Hanboks and beautiful accessories, we […]

[TS] 치맥, ‘Chi-Maek’, fried chicken with beer

On October 29th, four Yonsei Global club members and three exchange students got together in front of Yonsei University and went to ‘60GyeChicken’ to introduce Korean fried chicken with beer, ‘Chi-Maek’. Even though fried chicken is not a Korean traditional food, fried chicken with beer is the best beloved food combination in Korea. And Korean enjoy fried chicken with various […]

[TS] 닭갈비,“Dak Galbi”

On October 15th, 4 Yonsei Global club members and 4 exchange students gathered to eat “Dak Galbi (Korean spicy grilled chicken).” We met in front of Yonsei University and went to Dak Galbi restaurant in Sinchon. We ordered original Dak Galbi and rice. Each one of us ate in their own style: you may eat with mayonnaise or garlic sauce […]

[OS] Gyeongbok Palace

On October 11, four Yonsei Global members and 4 international students headed to Gyeongbokgung, the biggest and the oldest palace of the Joseon dynasty in Jongro. At 2 p.m. all participants assembled at the main gate of Yonsei University in Shinchon. Then, we all moved to the palace by bus. At first, we dropped into the Hanbok rental shop to […]

[LS] Room Escaping and Bowling

On Oct 10th 2020, 4 members of Yonsei Global and 4 foreign students gathered!! We first did room escape,also known as an escape game! Because all friends came to the place on time, before we started the game, we introduced ourselves to each other and got to know each other. The staff there explained the basic rules. She also explained […]

[KMA] “Kandinsky” exhibition

On October 10, four Yonsei Global members and four exchange students met at Yonsei University. Then, we headed to the ’19.8℃ museum’ in Yeonnam-dong by bus. There was an exhibition about Kandinsky. Unlike normal exhibitions, instead of seeing the art works directly, we heard a lecture about his lifetime and works. Before explanation, we had some time to share our […]