[GA] Hanok MT (membership training) program

GA HanokMT program took place from April 29thto 30th, for 2 days. Around 25 exchange students and 15 YG members participated in this event. The group of exchange students and YGians met up at around 3 PM in front of our school gate, and took the subway ride (as well as the bus) to YangjuHanok village. We arrived at our […]

[CT] 2nd Company Tour – Visiting Amore Pacific factory

On April 27th, a total of 14 foreign exchange students and YG members gathered together early in the morning in front of the New Millennium Hall to drive to Amorepacific company. It was even before 9am, but thankfully, everyone arrived somewhat on time. It took us a little more than an hour from campus to the company by bus, during […]

[KMN] Watching Korean movie ‘Along with the Gods’

On April 26th Thursday around 6:30 PM, we gathered in the Daewoo Hall 427. Totally 11 people including Yonsei Global members and exchange friends came and sat together. While eating foods such as chicken and snacks, we had brief introducing time about ourselves and talked about the movie we are going to watch, ‘Along with The Gods ~ Crime and […]