[OS] Visiting Insa-dong

As the weather is rapidly running toward winter, eight Yonsei Global club members and thirteen exchange students went on a tour to Insa-dong famous as a precious space in which Korean traditional materials are preserved and exchanged worthily. We first headed to a museum called ‘Kimchikan’ located in the middle of Insa-dong not only to get to know about kimchi, […]

[CT] Visiting Amore Pacific

On November 17th, 10 exchanged students and 4 Yonsei Global students went to Company Tour(CT) to Amorepacific in Osan-si. Amorepacific is a company that produce cosmetics for skin care or beauty. Our tour guide explained the history of the company and a process of manufacture. Also, we could experience make-up with the product of Amorepacific. In the end of the […]