[KMA] Watching Beethoven string quartet concert

On November 7, 9 YG members and 2 exchange students met at Seoul Arts center, which is the most famous Arts Center in South Korea. Someone met at Yonsei University and then headed to Seoul Arts Center, and the rest of participants directly went to the center. The concert we appreciated was Beethoven string quartet No.7 in F major “Rasumovsky” […]

[LS] Rock Climbing

The date three exchange students and four Yonsei Global members went climbing was November 8th, which is the next day of Ipdong(입동, 立冬, the start of winter), so it was quite cold. The location was Summit Sports Climbing Center, about 10 minutes far from Yonsei University by walk. On the entrance, we went downstairs, and we took our shoes off. […]

[OS] Visiting Changduck Palace, ‘창덕궁’

Three Yonsei Global club members and three exchange students went on a tour to Changduck Palace. Changduck palace is a palace of the Joseon Dynasty located in Jongno-gu, Seoul. It is an example of comprehensive environmental design that harmonizes architecture and landscape. It is also an important cultural heritage that makes us experience the Korean traditional culture. We first went […]