[TS] Jjukkumi Blues, ‘쭈꾸미 블루스’

On a lively Thursday night, five Yonsei Global club members and three exchange students had a delicious dinner at ‘쭈꾸미 블루스(Jjukkumi Blues)’ in Sinchon. We gathered at the front gate of Yonsei University at 6:10pm and headed for the restaurant near Sinchon Station. It took us about 10 minutes by walk to get there. The interior of the restaurant was […]

[OS] Visiting Hyehwa, ‘혜화’

On November 13, 2020, we gathered at the Yonsei University at 18:00. Then we took a bus to Hyehwa Station. After we got off the bus, we took a walk in Naksan Park and took pictures. 5 exchange students and 4 YG members participated. On the way up, we were able to talk freely with exchange students. Exchange students and […]