[LE] Walk and Talk

On the 4th of April, two members of Yonsei global, two exchange students, and two exchange student buddies gathered at zoom to exchange one another’s language and had time to get to know one another. Though Walk & Talk is the only outdoor event for the LE program, due to the severity of Covid19, we weren’t able to meet up […]

[KMA] Visiting Seoul Museum

On April 11, 2021, we gathered at Yonsei University at 13:00. We introduced ourselves and talked about school life. There were 2 YG members and 1 exchanged student / 2 YG members and 2 exchanged students. Then, we moved to Seoul Museum by bus. While watching the works of art, we discussed what the artist was trying to express and […]

[KMA] Fall in love with various forms of Korean Art Culture

On April 10, 2021, we gathered at the Zoom meeting at 13:00. We briefly introduced ourselves. Then we watched several videos about korean artists. At first, we watched a video about the artist, who is famous for album cover art of Korean musicians, called Jannabi(잔나비). Secondly, we got to know wall painting artist who became famous recently. We also watched […]

[OS] Visiting Namsan Tower, a landmark of Seoul

On April 9th, a day full of spring, we gathered in front of the main entrance of Yonsei University in Sinchon at 6 p.m. Two exchange students participated, so we decided to leave in two groups. As we went to Sinchon Station and talked about getting to know each other, we were able to break the ice😊 We quickly arrived […]

[LS] Enjoying wonderful activities at Hongdae

Under the cool breeze of the April, we divided 4 YG members and 4 exchanged students into 2 groups and headed to the room-escape. We gathered around at the Hongdae station at 3p.m. and the whole program took about 3 hours. After we met, we briefly had a self-introductory time and headed to the room-escape feeling nervous because the room […]

[YGG] Putting our heads together to plan Glamping!

We had a planning meeting for YGG(Yonsei Global Glamping) at a café in Hongdae on 31st of March, 2021. We decided schedule for glamping event. YGG team discussed about glamping spot and transportation. Though we had to face “Banning gatherings of 5 or more people” policy, our team members came up with some ideas. We also talked about what kind […]

[YES] Boardgame Night

On Friday night, Yonsei Global club members and exchange students had a wonderful ‘Boardgame night’. The Boardgame night took place on March 5th. Due to COVID19, the boardgame was played in Zoom. We have played three prominent, beloved boardgames. They are ‘Concept’, ‘Spyfall’ and ‘Secret Hitler’. Boardgame ‘Concept’ and ‘Spyfall’ are really good game to get close to friends we […]