[LS] Enjoying Rock Climbing

On June 6th, we gathered at the front gate of Yonsei University for the LS program. Today’s activity was rock climbing. A total of 7 students joined today, and we were divided into two groups. Our group headed to Summit Sports Climbing Center, located near Sinchon station. The place was well equipped and clean. Since Yonsei Global team has visited […]

[KMA] A special day at National Gugak Center

On a sunny and hot June 5th, four YG members and two exchange students from Germany and France gathered in front of the main gate of Yonsei University. While we wait for all to meet, we introduced ourselves to each other and had some small talks. On the subway, YG members and exchange students had time to get to know […]

[LS] Bouncin’ Bouncin’

On a sunny day, four Yonsei Global club members and three exchange students went to Bounce Trampoline Park nearby Samsung station. To follow Covid 19 guidelines, we were divided into two groups and took care of our hygiene. The whole program took about 2-3hours, and we enjoyed lots of activities there. First, we were on a challenge that made us […]

[LS] Rollin’ Rollin’

On May 30, 2021, a hot day but with perfect weather, four YG members and two exchange students met at Sinchon Station at 14:00 and we briefly introduced ourselves then went to Sillim roller skate rink. Because of the Covid-19 we separated into 2 groups to enjoy roller skating. We ride the roller with exciting K-pop music and Glittering lights. […]

[OS] Visiting Nodeul Island

On May 29th, we gathered in front of Yonsei University’s main gate at 4 p.m. Four YG members and four exchange students participated, and we divided into two groups. Since the weather was not perfect, it was hard to have a picnic on the Han River, which was our planned schedule. Therefore, after a brief self-introduction, we moved to Sin […]

[LE Meet Up – 21-1 인증서발급 명단 및 우수활동팀 발표]

안녕하세요! 연세글로벌 LE(Language Exchange)에서 21-1학기 인증서 발급 명단 및 우수활동팀을 발표합니다. 인증서 발급 기준은 12점 이상의 점수 획득자입니다. 자세한 내용은 첨부된 파일을 통해 확인해주세요! 감사합니다. Hi! Yonsei Global LE Program’s certificate issuance list and excellent activity team are announced. The certificate is issued by a score of 12 or higher. If you want more information for it, please check the […]